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The Ideal Packaging for Mobile Phones and Accessories

Here at, we like to have a solution to all your packaging needs. Whatever you need to pack, we will find the solution; be it clothing and shoes or electrical and delicate items. We have received several enquiries from different companies asking about the best way to packaging mobile phones and accessories they [...]

How To Convert Micron to Gauge

Within the polythene industry, you will continue to hear the terms Micron (mu) or Gauge (g) used, however what do the terms actually mean? Here at, we aim to make buying polythene products as easy as possible and not baffle our customers with Jargon. Micron and Gauge are both terms that relate to [...]

A British Manufacturer

Here at, we strongly believe in British manufacturing, that's why we aim to manufacture all our products at our factory in the West Midlands and anything we can't manufacture is mainly sourced from another British manufacturer. At our factory we run 7 extrusion lines, which manufacturer polythene tubing and sheeting starting from 2" [...]

Manufacturers of Security Bags are a market leader for the manufacturing of security bags for a range of different industries including both the financial and aviation industries. Our product portfolio includes ICAO Airport Security Bags (STEBs) as well as manufacturing bags for depositing cash and coins. Our security bags are made from our medium density material blend, [...]

Packaging is More Important Than You Think

No matter the size of a company, large or small, packaging is one of the most important parts of your company branding. We have all brought goods from a company and it has turned up in insufficient packaging, damaged packing or worst case scenario the goods are damaged. This will always deture you from [...]

Wicketed Mailing Bags continue to invest into market reserch and product development to ensure they stay at the forefront of the industry and ensure our customers are using the best product that suits your needs. Therefore we set ourselves a target to improve the packaging process for large mail order companies. From our research we found [...]

Bespoke Manufacturing isn't just a stockist of polythene products, we also manufacture all our products on our website here at our site in Birmingham. Being a manufacturer allows us to control the quality of a product you, the customer will receive, and we are able influence lead times as well as offering a bespoke design [...]

Making Moving House Less Stressful

Moving house shouldn't look like this!! You eventually find the property that ticks all the right boxes. Your offer is accepted and contracts are exchanged. You begin to plan where your sofa is going to be positioned and where you are going to put your favourite lamp. Then reality hits you and you [...]

The Launch of Damp Proof Membrane

Here at we continually aim to provide produces for every industry. Therefore we have decided to launch and stock Damp Proof Membrane as well as Damp Proof Course. We are also able to supply the relevant tapes and bonding products to ensure your house holds the damp at bay. Damp proof membrane (DPM for [...]

High Performance Shrink Film

Here at we are continually investing into product research and development, which has lead to us developing a cutting edge shrink film. This blend of materials offers a high level of strength, excellent shrink performance as well as it being cost effective. We recently challenged ourselves to develop a shrink blend that would raise [...]