Monthly Archives: September 2017


Get Prepared for the Peak Season

With the busiest season of the year rapidly approaching, here at we want to ensure you don't get caught out during the season and have all the packaging materials required for a successful season. With customers increasing their expectations for a just in time delivery service, it is vital you have all the packaging [...]

Go Green: Reduce Your Business Waste

Everyone is aware of the on-going campaigns to recycle more and prevent waste going to landfill. The idea of being eco-friendly and recycling isn't new, however this doesn't necessarily mean everyone knows how to recycle effectively, yet this campaigns continue to pop up on TV and social media. Within the business world, recycling is [...]

How to Pack Glass Goods for Transport

We understand the importance of dispatching your goods and ensuring they arrive at the destination in one piece. Using the right packaging to dispatch glass and delicate items is even more important. However I hear you asking, which are the best materials to use? Find out the best way to protect glass in transit [...]

What is Co-Extruded Polythene?

There are many terms within the polythene industry, which you may have heard, but may not necessary know what they mean. These terms can cause confusion when trying to decide the product that would be best for your application. However, here at, we aim to make buying polythene as easy as possible. Like [...]

Up-cycle Your Recycling

Recycling can be very boring and tedious at the best of times, however have you ever thought about up-cycling your recycling? What is up-cycling I hear you ask.... Up-cycling is a creative way of transforming waste and unwanted products or packaging into a new useful or decorative product. Not only does it prevent waste [...]

Magazine Bags

At, we don't only manufacture standard polythene bags, we also have the capabilities to manufacture various styles of bags. One popular style of bag, which has become increasingly more popular, is our magazine and comic bags. As more and more companies and individuals are sending out promotional literature about their goods or services, [...]

UK Delivery

We aim to produce packaging solutions for everyone within the UK. Whether you're in Birmingham, London, Glasgow or Dublin, location doesn't matter to us as we offer cheap shipping options to all destinations within the UK. When you order with, your order is processed within the office to ensure all the information is [...]