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How are Polythene Bags Made?

Polythene bags we manufactured using a two part process, blown film extrusion and bag conversion and this step by step guide will explain how both processes work. Blown Film Extrusion Process The process begins with small plastic pellets, known as resin, which is available in different melt flows and densities [...]

The History of Polythene Bags

The first American and European patent application relating to polythene bags can be seen dating back to the early 1950’s, however these patents show a secondary manufacturing process to fix the handles to the body of the bag. The early 1960’s saw the invention of the modern lightweight shopping carrier bag by a Swedish engineer [...]

Grey Mailing Bags and Postal Sacks

Grey mailing bags, sometimes referred to as mailers or postal sacks, are a fantastic way to dispatch your goods through either your trusted courier service or via the Royal Mail. manufacture these bags on our site in Birmingham, supplying a vast range of mailing bags varying in size and colour, to many industries throughout [...]