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//A Mailing Bag Manufacturer

A Mailing Bag Manufacturer

Here at mailingbag.com, we are the UK’s leading manufacturers of plain and printed mailing bag, supplying various online retailers within the UK and Europe, from small retailers to international companies. We are able to produce high quality mailers, manufactured to each individuals specific requirements at very competitive prices – be it stock mailing bags or fully customised print, mailingbag.com are leading the way.

What Can We Manufacture?


A large majority of the mailing bags we sell are from our high quality Grey Mailing Bags stock range, however this isn’t where our manufacturing capabilities end. With regards to the material we use, we can produce mailing bags in a high spectrum of colours in both mono layer polythene and co-extruded polythene, also like our stock mailing bags we are able to manufacture them from 100% recycled polythene.


With our excellent in-house printing capabilities, we are able to print a single colour design to the more extravagant 8 colour, photographic quality designs. Having tour company identity and details printed on a mailing bag can not only look good, but it can boost company awareness as well as giving the customer the “wow” factor on arrival. Our specialist print origination team will work closely with you to ensure your company achieves powerful branding

Adhesive Tape

Whether you are looking for a tamper evident seal or a resealable bag, we have the capabilities to manufacture mailing bags with various adhesive tapes. If you are shipping sensitive information, would could either use of tamper evident tape, which leaves a “VOID” message if the tape has been tampered with or our pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive glue – this would cause the bag to either rip or distort. If you are looking for the returns bag, we are able to manufacture the bags with 2 tape strips, which enable your packing house to close the bag and then the customer tears the bag along a manufactured line – if the goods are no good, they simply pull the liner from the second glue strip, reseal the bag and then send back for returns


All our mailing bags are manufactured by mailingbag.com, therefore if you would like a competitive quotation, or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 0121 270 6252 or email sales@mailingbag.com


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