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Buying direct from a manufacturer not only results in more competitive prices, you will receive a higher level of customer service as well as product quality. Here at, we manufacture all the polythene products you see on our website. With over 40 years experience in the trade, we are confident the products we manufacture are above and beyond other products on the market.

Film Extrusion

With our array of extrusion machines, our film capabilities are endless. We are able to manufacture layflat tubing, centre fold sheeting and single wound sheeting in a spectrum of different colours as well as using materials and additives such as LDPE, MDPE, bio-degradable, oxo-degradable and UVI Stabliser to name a few. Our machines currently allow us to extrude from 15 micron (60 gauge) up to 300 micron (1200 gauge) with widths ranging from 50mm (2″) up to 1700mm (67″). Our extrusion department run 24 hours a day to commercially keep costs low, hence why we are able to offer such competitive product.

Bag Conversion 

Our bag conversion capabilities are just as extensive as we are able to manufacture both plain side and bottom weld polythene bags, as well as wicketed and skirt side weld bags. As you can see from our website we also manufacture a large range of polythene mailing bags (commonly known as mailers or poly mailers). We are able to manufacture these in a range of different colours with either permanent or re-sealable glue strips for sealing the bags.

Please see below the various parameters for our manufacturing guidelines:

Bottom Weld Bags

Minimum Bag Width: 1″ (25mm)
Maximum Bag Width: 52″ (1320mm)
Minimum Bag Length: 3″ (76mm)
Maximum Bag Length: 100″ (2540mm)
Minimum Bag Thickness: 60 Gauge (15 Micron)
Maximum Bag Thickness: 1000 Gauge (250 Micron)

Side Weld Bags

Minimum Bag Width: 2.5″ (64mm)
Maximum Bag Width: 50″ (1016mm)
Minimum Bag Length: 3″ (76mm)
Maximum Bag Length: 48″ (1220mm)
Minimum Bag Thickness: 60 Gauge (15 Micron)
Maximum Bag Thickness: 600 Gauge (150 Micron)


To compliment both our extrusion and conversion capabilities, we also have the manufacturing capabilities to print in up to 8 colours on one or two sides of the bag dependent on size, to ensure your company branding is at the forefront of your packaging. Our specialist artwork and origination department can assist you with the process of designing eye catching artwork that would make your packaging stand out against the rest. Whether you are looking for a simple printed warning notice or photographic quality print, our team will be able to help. We are able to printed both film and sheeting, however most commonly, we manufacture printed mailers for some of the UK’s leading retailers.

If you would like more information on our manufacturing capabilities, or have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 0121 270 6252 or email