Different Type of Mailing Bag Seals

//Different Type of Mailing Bag Seals

Different Type of Mailing Bag Seals

As a leading manufacturer of polythene mailing bags, we are able to offer various different types of mailing bag to suit your specific requirement. These types vary from our high performance grey stock postal bags, and coloured mailers to bespoke printed mailing bags and carry handle mailers. Also our manufacturing capabilities don’t just send at the style of mailing bag, we can also apply different types of glue to ensure the bag meets your expectations. The various adhesive options are explained below:

Permanent Glue Strip

Our stock range of polythene mailers are manufactured with this type of adhesive. The permanent glue is applied at a minimum width of 6mm, using a pressure sensitive glue and then have a silicone release liner applied over the top. Once the glue has been stuck down to the body of the bag, the mailing bag has to be torn to get the contents, meaning this seal is not re-useable. This also enables the customer to tell whether the contents of the bag has been tampered with.

Re-Sealable Glue Strip

This is the perfect solution if you would like to reuse the mailing bags over and over again, however the seal would not be secure through the postal system. This type of mailing bags are mostly used internally or more commonly used to package clothing garments, which are then dispatched in an additional outer packaging. There are various types of re-sealable tape including centre tracked (the silicone release liner is laid centrally on top of the adhesive) or we can manufacture the tape to it is handed i.e. the silicone release liner is off centre giving you a bigger lip to pick the backer off.

Double Permanent Glue Strip

Brilliant solution to allow your customers to return goods. These mailers have two lines of permanent glue is applied at a minimum width of 6mm, using a pressure sensitive glue and with a silicone release liner applied over the top. The glue lines are generally around 25mm apart with either a perforation for the customer to tear allow or a printed cutting line to show the customer where to cut the bag open. On dispatching the goods, remove the furthest liner from the opening of the bag, and fold over to close the bag. If the customer would like to return the goods, they simply open the bag where marked, repackaging the goods, remove the remaining liner and sealing the bag.

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