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Protecting the environment is at the forefront of mailingbag.com’s day to day business operations.

As environmental concerns have rising over the past 10-15 years, mailingbag.com have strived to achieve the ever improving standards and ensuring everyone within the business understands our strict environmental policy. We carry out effective control over our activities to prevent damage to the environment and also wasteful practices.

With our state of the art Recycling Machine, we ensure all polythene process waste as well as any post-consumer waste returned is recycled and re-manufactured into a new product – mainly grey mailing bag and refuse sacks. We also ensure we recycle all office paper, as well as manufacturing and office cardboard and reel cores. All office equipment such as old computers, printers and printed cartridges are disposed of correctly.

Our Environmental Packaging Products

We strive to ensure that every product brought from mailingbag.com is an environmentally sound product to both improve our and your environmental policy and performance.

For example all our polythene products, ranging from mailing bags and clear bags to damp proof membrane and sheeting are all 100% recyclable unless the product states otherwise. Even our high performance stock range of Grey Mailers are manufactured from a minimum of 75% of recycled material.

Furthermore we also ensure all other products such as cardboard boxes and our AirProtect range are either made from recycled material, recyclable, degradable, oxo or bio-degradable or fully compostable.

As well as being a leading stockist of polythene products, we are also a leading manufacturer. Therefore we are able to manufacture oxo or bio-degradable, and other products such like compostable, to your specific requirement to ensure your packaging is best suited to your company’s environmental policy.

Our Guarantee

With the mounting news reports discussing the issues with polythene and plastic bags growing, we need to be sure that we are both conserving the world’s resources as well as recycling where possible. Ensuring that our grey mailing bags are manufactured from recycled material is a huge stepping stone to meeting the demanding environmental issues.

With discussions around using more paper bags and envelopes becoming more prominent, is this an effective way to go? Here at mailingbag.com, we believe that this is not the solution to our issues as the weight of paper needed to match the strength of polythene would incur additional costs also based on a like-for-like basis, paper requires 100% more power to manufacture. Our recommendation would be to contact us, who would collect your polythene waste and recycle it using our high tech machine.

Every order placed with mailingbag.com is process by our experienced sales team, who will ensure any questions or issued are answer throughout the process. We understand the importance of both reliable and correct packaging reflects on both your product and your company. With mailingbag.com you can be sure we delivery on time every time, using only the highest grade raw materials and maintain adequate stock levels.