Get Prepared for the Peak Season

//Get Prepared for the Peak Season

Get Prepared for the Peak Season

With the busiest season of the year rapidly approaching, here at we want to ensure you don’t get caught out during the season and have all the packaging materials required for a successful season. With customers increasing their expectations for a just in time delivery service, it is vital you have all the packaging materials to ensure you can deliver on time.

During this busy season, using the right packaging materials for the job is key as well as being smart with your packaging. You need to ensure you use the correct packaging to ensure your items get to your customer without any damage. However, ensure you don’t over pack as it many not only cause your customer frustration, it can also cause added courier costs that may otherwise not be incurred.

Mailing Bags

These are one of the most popular products during the peak season. Our grey mailing bags offer a cost effective way to dispatch products that don’t require much protection, for example clothing and blankets. Despite this, the mailing bags offer high strength was well as being opaque to ensure your products remain private. These bags are also waterproof and can be used in combination with other protective product such as AirProtect or bubble wrap offering more protection. We also have the capabilities to make bespoke mailing bags to your specification to ensure your packaging looks as good as your product.

AirProtect Bags

These bags offer the best protection to glass and other delicate items. The bags can be purchased in a range of unique sizes ranging from wine and beer bottles to television and laptop bags offering protection to most delicate items. To use a bag simply inflate it using a compressor or hand pump (both sold by inserting the nozzle through the green valve. Once the bags have been inflated, remove the compressor or hand pump and insert your item into the bag. These bags have been proven to offer more protection than tradition bubble wrap so if you are sending someone a festive tipple, these are the bags to use.

Stretch Wrap

When you are sending bulk consignments out this busy season, ensure you use our high strength stretch wrap. Our stretch wrap makes sure all parcels are held in place, without during transit to ensure they get to your customer in perfect condition. With our range of black and clear, and our capabilities to manufacture bespoke stretch wrap with your company logo, you can ensure your company has the look you require.

Cardboard Boxes

Our range of cardboard boxes are ideal for sending out a range of items and are becoming increasingly more popular. With a range of different sizes, we will have a box that is best suited to your product. Being easy to assemble as well as having thick cardboard walls, they are quick and reliable solution to your packaging troubles. Simply pack the inside of the box with bubble wrap or kraft paper to additional protection, place your items inside, then tape the box up and label ready to be dispatched.

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