Go Green: Reduce Your Business Waste

//Go Green: Reduce Your Business Waste

Go Green: Reduce Your Business Waste

Everyone is aware of the on-going campaigns to recycle more and prevent waste going to landfill. The idea of being eco-friendly and recycling isn’t new, however this doesn’t necessarily mean everyone knows how to recycle effectively, yet this campaigns continue to pop up on TV and social media.

Within the business world, recycling is becoming a hot topic and it is something companies can’t avoid. Consumers are beginning to use and source eco-friendly packaging materials and companies for haven’t adapted to an eco-friendly plan are seen are less desirable than their counterparts.

Below are some ways in which your business can adapt to make a difference.

Within the Office

With 25% of Britons preferring to take their old PCs to a tip rather than a recycling facility, this had lead to more than 12.5 million computers thrown away into landfill site in the last 5 years. Many domestic households along with businesses throw old electrical appliances directly into the bin, instead of doing the right thing by taking the equipment to the local recycling facility.

Whether you are a small company who order a modest amount of supplies or a giant that receives pallet after pallet, no matter what you are buying, you always have the option to go green. Many people get complacent and continue to order from the same supplier, however shopping around might not only find you an eco-friendly solution, it may also show a cost saving. Many eco-friendly suppliers will use recycled material, which are offered at a discounted rate.

Should you need to buy some new IT equipment, ensure you are buying a multi-functional product. Instead of buying three separate machines to scan, copy and fax, you can buy one to do it all, reducing your contribution to landfill. When you come to buy a new tablet and computer, consider buying a tablet that has the capability to be used with a keyboard to reduce the amount of electrical goods required.

On the Road

Every company uses vehicles to fulfil order and supply customers, even if you don’t have your own fleet of vehicles, you still use couriers. There is no way round this, however there is always ways to go green with your transportation.

Ensuring your vehicles are well maintained and properly managed is a good starting point. Looking after your vehicles can extend their lifespan as well as being better for your budgets and the environment. Keeping your vehicles up to date can also be better for the environment as manufactures continue to develop new engines, which produce lower emissions. Also the driver is a vitual part of the process. Driving styles and aggressive driving can also impact fuel usage and your carbon footprint.

Collating delivery together can also be an effect way of reducing your carbon footprint. Try to send vehicles to areas in which they would be doing 2 or 3 drops instead of driving from area to area delivering 1 parcel or pallet at a time.

Waste Disposal

Businesses have the responsibility to ensure they are disposing of waste appropriately, especially companies who are producing a large volume of waste. Ensuring you’re doing all you can to dispose of your waste responsibly is a must and over time, the government are beginning to crack down on business that depend on landfill sites and fail to recycle correctly.

Efficient disposal of waste is important, however trying to reduce the amount of waste you are producing is even more so. Finding waste to reuse, reduce and recycle your waste will help to reduce the amount that ends up in UK landfill every year

How Can Mailingbag.com Help?

At mailingbag.com, we hold a range of different sizes and colours of refuse sacks in stock. We stock standard black refuse sacks that are most commonly used in residential properties, while our clear refuse sacks are mainly used in offices and factory to waste can be monitored. Also our black refuse sacks are made from recycled material to ensure they are sustainable and therefore becoming a large part of our eco-friendly policy.

To aid an effective recycling protocol, we stock coloured refuse sacks (blue, yellow, red and green), which can be used to segregate paper from plastic etc. These bags are become a popular product as it makes recycling a lot easier and quicker to carry out.

If you would like more information on the services we provide, or have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 0121 270 6252 or email sales@mailingbag.com


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