How To Convert Micron to Gauge

//How To Convert Micron to Gauge

How To Convert Micron to Gauge

Within the polythene industry, you will continue to hear the terms Micron (mu) or Gauge (g) used, however what do the terms actually mean?

Here at, we aim to make buying polythene products as easy as possible and not baffle our customers with Jargon.

Micron and Gauge are both terms that relate to the thickness of the material. People will generally favor one or the other however it is very easy to calculate micron to gauge or gauge to micron and the calculation is shown below:

Mircon = (Gauge Divided by 4)
Gauge = (Micron Times by 4)

For Example

50mu = 200g
500g = 125mu

To measure the thickness of the material we use a micrometer, which is a calibrated tool and can be purchased in a range of different designs. These are very simply micrometers that give you a round figure with no decimal places, or you can purchase top of the range equipment that will give you a much accurate figure the 4 or 5 decimal places

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