How to Pack Glass Goods for Transport

//How to Pack Glass Goods for Transport

How to Pack Glass Goods for Transport

We understand the importance of dispatching your goods and ensuring they arrive at the destination in one piece. Using the right packaging to dispatch glass and delicate items is even more important. However I hear you asking, which are the best materials to use? Find out the best way to protect glass in transit with our industry knowledge.

Choosing the right packaging material

Before you even consider how to pack the glass, ensure you are using the right materials. A key tip is to avoid using materials such as towel, blankets, old newspaper and cloth. These materials don’t offer enough protection of the fragile goods. Aim to use specialised packaging materials such as the following:

  1. AirProtect Bags
  2. Bubble Wrap
  3. Crumbled Kraft Paper
  4. Expanded Polystyrene

When sending goods out on a pallet, other packaging products that are a must are pallet strapping, stretch wrap and shrink wrap. These products keep the parcel securely held to the pallet.

Wrapping the glass item

Firstly, ensure you are wrapping each item individually. When you are packaging an open-glass item, such as a wine glass or tumbler, ensure you will inside the glass with expanded polystyrene or crumbled kraft paper. If the items has any areas where parts are sticking our or have an extremely fragile area, ensure you use bubble wrap and extra kraft paper to ensure it is protected.

Once you have packed the inside of the glass item, wrap the external with more bubble wrap. Use multiple layers to ensure everywhere is covered and ensure no glass is exposed and you shouldn’t be able to touch the glass with your finger. Use packaging tape to hold the bubble wrap in place securely.

Alternatively if you are packaging bottles or candles, why not use one of our AirProtect bags? These bags have been proven to be more effective than using standard bubble wrap. Also there bags are a lot less bulky to storage as well as being quick and easy to inflate.

Choosing and packaging the correct packing box

The first thing to consider is how study and strong the cardboard box is. You want to use a strong box to ensure it doesn’t collapse during transit. Choose a box that will easily accommodate your item and allow you to pack at least 3 inches of padding around the outside of your item.

Firstly, stuff the bottom of the box with bubble wrap or shredded paper and then with a layer of crumbled kraft paper. Place your item or items on top of this layer or protection and ensure there is space for padding around the sides as well as on top of your item.

Now pack around the outside of the glass items, first using bubble wrap and then use crumbled kraft paper to fill any voids. Ensure the items it packed in tight and is as snug as possible preventing it from moving. If you are sending more than 1 product out, ensure you tape the wrapped glass items together to ensure they don’t bang against each other while in transit.

Once all the items are inside the box, use a strong packaging tape to tape the centre of the box and also the side edge. This doesn’t only make the box stronger, it also prevents the sides from splitting.


Even when all the above steps are followed to pack fragile items, accidents still do happen while the parcel is with the courier company. If the item or items are of a high valve, it may be worth considering taking out some insurance. Insurance is generally offered by the courier company.

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