How to Save on Postage

//How to Save on Postage

How to Save on Postage

As of the 27th March 2017, the Royal Mail implemented yet another stamp price increase, so it time to look into ways of clawing back some for the extra money you spend. The price increase may have only been 1p, which wouldn’t be noticed by the consumer, however imagine how much it mounts up to a business sending out thousands of letters and mailing bags a week

Firstly consider looking at different parcel couriers to see what their rates are. Using the same courier for all your parcels may not be the best idea, as you may be getting charged a premium on larger goods that might be offered at a much cheaper rate from another courier. Also consider where the parcels are going, don’t use a small local company to send items to Scotland and Ireland for example

If you find yourself consistently sending post to your customers have a look at the reasons why; are you sending literature to your customers and not gaining anymore busy or are you posting invoices instead of emailing. Reviewing the items you are sending, where you are sending them to and how often can be an excellent way of reviewing your postage spend. By reviewing this, it will encourage you to look at the market and see if they are any more cost effective ways i.e. emails or whether there are any companies offering introductory offers

After reviewing you postage spend per month and deciding there aren’t any other cost effective ways of spending mail, it might be worth investing in a franking machine. You can take advantage of discounts prices for franking services. To do this you simply upload credit onto your franking machine and the credit is spent as you frank each parcel. Also it is a quick and easy way to monitor how much you are spending


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