Making Moving House Less Stressful

//Making Moving House Less Stressful

Making Moving House Less Stressful

Moving house shouldn’t look like this!!

You eventually find the property that ticks all the right boxes. Your offer is accepted and contracts are exchanged. You begin to plan where your sofa is going to be positioned and where you are going to put your favourite lamp. Then reality hits you and you begin to remember how stressful it was last time you moved house. You are not alone, many people see sorting the mortgage and signing documents the easy part and actually moving house is a dreaded tasks – boxing up your entire house into cardboard boxes, only to forget where you put things when unpacking. However staying calm and organised is the key to a successful move.

Why do you start I hear you ask? First things first ensure you allow yourself enough time to move house. Don’t try and cram it in over a couple of days; when you are rushing, this is when stress levels increase, objects are damaged or often forgotten. Book the required time off to allow yourselves to enjoy the moving in process. Secondly ensure you book a reliable removal company who are well equipped and have good reviews. Thirdly, plan what to with the pests such as children and pets. Finally you are able to begin to pack, ensure you have the best quality packaging items such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tape and labels. You can finally begin the process of dismantling your old house.

With regards to pack ensure everything is wrapped safely in bubble wrap, labelled and then put into boxes. Remember to put the heaviest items at the bottom with the light delicate valuables on top. Another useful tip is to box individual rooms one at a time to ensure you know where everything is when unpacking it your new house.

Look at moving house as a big adventure and a new chapter in your life with a fresh start. Remaining calm and organised is the secret to a successful move

A quick checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten:

  1. Book the relevant time off
  2. Book a reliable removal company
  3. Order the packaging materials
  4. Book the children into Grandma and Grandad’s
  5. Complete your mail re-direction
  6. begin cooking everything in your freezer
  7. Take any unwanted items to the local Charity Shop
  8. Book the pets into kennels
  9. Pack the items you’re least going to need in the next few weeks

Happy Moving!


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