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//Manufacturers of Security Bags

Manufacturers of Security Bags are a market leader for the manufacturing of security bags for a range of different industries including both the financial and aviation industries. Our product portfolio includes ICAO Airport Security Bags (STEBs) as well as manufacturing bags for depositing cash and coins.

Our security bags are made from our medium density material blend, which gives the bags added strength, meaning they can take more weight and are less puncture resistant. We have the capabilities to manufacture the bags with a broadside seal (10mm wide on each side of the bag) or we can produce side skirt weld bags. Generally the broad seal is used when there is a lot of weight inside the bags, for example the STEBs bags, which usually contain bottles of alcohol, where as the skirt side weld is normally used on cash and coin deposit bags. have the manufacturing capability to print up to 8 colours on either 1 side or 2 sides of your security bags. We are also able to sequentially number the bags as well as print barcodes on the bags for easier tractability. We stock a range of high quality security tape, which display different messages when the bags are tampered with. We also have the ability to use a tape that shows if the tape as been heated to aid getting to the content of the bag, which is a popular method used by fraudsters.

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