Packaging is More Important Than You Think

//Packaging is More Important Than You Think

Packaging is More Important Than You Think

No matter the size of a company, large or small, packaging is one of the most important parts of your company branding. We have all brought goods from a company and it has turned up in insufficient packaging, damaged packing or worst case scenario the goods are damaged. This will always deture you from purchasing from that company again

A lot of the time packaging can be over looked as you are busy ensuring you have sufficient stock, social media reputation, and payment methods and ordering processes are running correctly. Do you ever take time out to experience how the end user is going to receive you parcel? Will they be impressed with the outer packaging and the finishing touches? Will their product have reached them safely without damage? This is the final process of the customers experience, so this will be the most memorable processes, which could lead to them speaking highly or very badly about your service

Giving your packaging a personal touch can work wonders for your company’s reputation. Having first class packaging with your company branding on will be seen by numerous people while the parcel is in shipment; the brand name will be remembered. To receive a parcel within a bespoke mailing bag or in a high quality box (which can be brought directly from, makes your customer feel valued, and gives the impression your company how what they are doing. I know I feel special and respected when I receive a parcel that has had extra effort put into the finishing touches. It makes me spread the word to friends and family as will as give them repeat business

However I hear you asking whether it is going to cost you a small fortune? The answer is no. Bespoke packaging can be brought easily and is affordable.

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