Polythene Stretch Wrap

//Polythene Stretch Wrap

Polythene Stretch Wrap

Polythene stretch film is one of the most used packaging solutions available nationwide as well as worldwide. Due to its high strength and puncture resistance, low cost, and ease of use, it is incredibly effective at securing goods, boxes and products during transportation to prevent any movement, which could lead to damage. This is most commonly seen during pallet transportation, although stretch wrap is used in a wide range of applications.

There are many benefits of using stretch film as a packaging material, which are as follows:

  • Increased handling efficiencies; secured packages are easier to lift and transport
  • Printed Bags
  • Protecting cargo from dirt and moisture
  • Security; parcels can’t be taken easily off the pallet

Stretch wrap can be applied to a pallet in numerous ways, including hand wrappers (a handheld device which holds a rolls of stretch film that unravels as it is wrapped around the cargo). Turntable wrappers are also used to wrap pallets and these will spin the pallet and cargo whilst applying film while an orbital wrappers feed the cargo into a vertical rotating ring that applies the film. Some businesses use rotary arm wrappers that apply film with rotating arms.

Automatic pallet wrappers are also available, which use a conveyor belts to wrap cargo on a production line without the need for manual input.

Stretch wrap can also be brought in a range of different width, thicknesses and colours. Some companies will buy stretch wrap that has been printed with their company logo and details, which given then another unique marketing tool at a very small additional cost. We stock a standard size which is 500mm and 17mu, which is the most commonly used stretch wrap.

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