Heavy Duty Polythene Bags

As a manufacturer, clear polythene bags, also known as polybags, are the bread and butter of our business. Our heavy duty polythene bags are perfect for packing heavy nuts and bolts along with tools to protect them from both water and dust. These bags are packed in dispenser boxes making getting a bag with dirty and greasy hands a lot easier. Our polybags are also easily heat sealed.

All our polythene bags are made from virgin material and are food safe, with a percentage of anti-block added to ensure the bags open easily. With huge variations in our heavy duty polybag stock, mailingbag.com are sure to have the bag that best suits your requirements as well as being some of the best quality and best value polybags within the UK.

Remember as we are a UK manufacturer, if you require a bespoke size, colour or print, we are able to manufacture it for you at the most competitive prices.