Polythene Lay Flat Tubing

Mailingbag.com offers a vast range of polythene lay flat tubing, also referred to as LFT, in varying widths and a range of different thicknesses. Lay flat tubing is the most diverse and cost effective packaging material on the market. It can be cut to precise length quickly and easily making it suitable for products varying in length. With the use of a heat sealer, you are able to make your our polythene bags to protect goods in transit.

All our LFT is made from virgin material and is food safe, with a percentage of anti-block added to ensure the film opens easily. With over 50 different products permanently in stock, from light duty 30mu (120g) to heavy duty 125mu (500g), you have access to some of the best quality and best value lay flat tubing within the UK.

Remember as we are a UK manufacturer, if you require a bespoke size, colour or print, we are able to manufacture it for you at the most competitive prices.