2m/4m Clear Centrefold Polythene Sheeting 250 Gauge

///2m/4m Clear Centrefold Polythene Sheeting 250 Gauge

2m/4m Clear Centrefold Polythene Sheeting 250 Gauge

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2m/4m x 100 metres (approx. 62.5mu)
1 Roll

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Clear polythene sheeting is a very versatile product that is able to protect a large range of shapes and sizes from dust, dirt and scratches when being transported. Both waterproof and water resistant, the polythene sheeting is centre-folded on a roll to enable easy storage. The polythene sheeting is sold on a roll in a range of different widths and gauges. This enables you to cut the exact size of polythene sheeting to suit the purpose or product.

Light and medium duty polythene sheeting is a perfect product for removal and transport companies as they can easily store it in their vehicles and can be used to quickly and simply wrap furniture and household items. Heavy duty polythene sheeting is most commonly used for outdoor projects such as creating greenhouses and is even used by builders to protect the building work from the elements.

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