Black Wheelie Bin Sacks 30″ x 46″ x 54″ x 90G

///Black Wheelie Bin Sacks 30″ x 46″ x 54″ x 90G

Black Wheelie Bin Sacks 30″ x 46″ x 54″ x 90G

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Product Description
Plastic or polythene bin bags, most commonly known as refuse sacks, are the most common and cost effective way to collect rubbish. Due to the fact they are lightweight and tear resistant, refuse sacks are used in both domestic and commercial applications to collect rubbish and to assist with keeping the waste contain clean.

We stock a full range of bin bags/refuse sacks to suit every situation and requirement. We currently stock the stand black refuse sacks used residential, as well as clear bin bags for office and factory use so the contents can be seen. We also offer a range of 4 colours (blue, yellow, red and green) which can be used for different departments or even to help you separate recycling within an industrial environment

Wheelie bin sacks are the perfect solution to prevent that horrible wheelie bin odour. These bags fit perfect inside a standard sized wheelie bin, which help to catch an leaks of fluids through the refuse sacks. The wheelie bin bags are quite thin due to the fact they are only a liner, however still have high tear resistance. Also the bag will slide out the bin with the other refuse sacks when it is emptied, therefore this bag will need replacing after every rubbish collection

Product Specification

Size of Cover (mm): 762mm x 1168mm x 1372mm
Size of Cover (inches): 30″ x 46″ x 54″
Material Thickness: 22.5mu (micron) / 90g (Gauge)
Box Quantity: 100

Additional information

Weight 7 kg