Single Divan Base Covers 38″ x 54″ x 97″ (965mm x 1370mm x 2460mm)

////Single Divan Base Covers 38″ x 54″ x 97″ (965mm x 1370mm x 2460mm)

Single Divan Base Covers 38″ x 54″ x 97″ (965mm x 1370mm x 2460mm)

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Product Description
Polythene Mattress Covers have been a part of our stock range for a long time due to their popular demand. If you are moving house or if you’re a painter and decorator is it important to protect the mattresses. As home owners we all know the importance of protecting expensive items especially when repair and replacement costs are so high.

The covers are made out of polythene making them in relatively inexpensive product and could save you a small fortune if they protect the mattress. We have a range of different sizes catering for single, double and king-size mattresses.

These covers are provided in boxes and are gusseted polythene bag meaning the size advised below shows the width and the length of the bags as well as the width when the gusset is fully extended. They have the open edge along the shortest side to ensure they are easy to slide over the mattress without any help from others. mattress covers are extremely strong and will offer all the protection you could ever wish for.

Product Specification

Size of Cover (mm): 965mm x 1370mm x 2460mm
Size of Cover (inches): 38″ x 54″ x 97″
Material Thickness: 70mu (micron) / 280g (Gauge)
Box Quantity: 25

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