Vacuum Pouches 5.5″ x 7″ x 260G (140mm x 170mm x 65mu)

///Vacuum Pouches 5.5″ x 7″ x 260G (140mm x 170mm x 65mu)

Vacuum Pouches 5.5″ x 7″ x 260G (140mm x 170mm x 65mu)

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Product Description

Our vacuum pouches, often referred to as barrier packaging, offers another dimension to packaging delicate and perishable products. They are designed to be used with a vacuum chamber and vacuum sealers.

The vacuum bags are made from a 65 micron 5 layer co-extruded nylon/polyethylene material which has several benefits. One of which is that the vacuum pouches act as a good protection against oxygen which can cause damage to perishable goods, whereas polythene is normally porous. Preventing oxygen reduces the chance of bacteria, therefore food last longer as well as preventing rust on metals. Due to the co-extruded material, the vacuum pouches have a high burst and puncture resistance, as well as high clarity, which makes them ideal for display purposes.

The vacuum pouches are easy to use, simply insert the products inside the specially designed bag and they put the bag inside the vacuum chamber. The chamber will then suck out all the air, pulling the material around the item and then sealing it preventing any air getting back inside the bag.

Product Specification

Size of Bag (mm): 140mm x 170mm
Size of Bag (inches): 5.5″ x 7″
Material Thickness: 65mu (micron) / 260g (Gauge)
Box Quantity: 2,000

Additional information

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