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The Royal Mail base their pricing on a range of different aspects; they base it on size, thickness and weight. To ensure you keep your postage costs to a minimum we have devised the table below to help guide you on the Royal Mail sizing guide. Wherever you are based within the UK, it costs the same to cost to send an item by 1st or 2nd class, however size and weight are the attributes that change the cost.

Below you will find a table to advice what type parcel your goods will be classed using the Royal Mail guide. Please ensure that you check the thickness as well as size and weight as that is the attribute that normally catches people out.


Format Maximum Length Maximum Width Maximum Weight Maximum Thickness
Letter 240mm 165mm 100g 5mm
Large Letter 353mm 250mm 750g 25mm
Small Parcel 450mm 350mm 2kg 80mm
Small Deep Parcel 350mm 250mm 2kg 160mm
Medium Parcel 610mm 460mm 20kg 460mm

Rolls and Postal Tube shaped parcels

For rolls and postal tube shaped items, the length of the item plus twice the diameter must not exceed 104cm. The greatest dimension (either the length or diameter) must be no greater than 90cm. Rolls and postal tube shaped parcels that measure no more than 45cm in length and 8cm in diameter and must not exceed 2kg are able to be sent as small parcels.

Exceptions apply

You are able to sent parcels that are no greater than 16cm in length and 16cm in width and 16cm in depth using the Royal Mail, classed as a Small Parcel, however you must ensure the weight does not exceed 2kg. If the parcels is larger than 61cm x 46cm x 46cm or heavier than 20kg then it must be sent using a courier, for example UK Mail which include tracking on a next day service

For more information on the services that the Royal Mail or UK Mail can offer, please link on the icon below