The Ideal Packaging for Mobile Phones and Accessories

//The Ideal Packaging for Mobile Phones and Accessories

The Ideal Packaging for Mobile Phones and Accessories

Here at, we like to have a solution to all your packaging needs. Whatever you need to pack, we will find the solution; be it clothing and shoes or electrical and delicate items. We have received several enquiries from different companies asking about the best way to packaging mobile phones and accessories they have sold via their online shops. We have a couple of solutions to this enquiry; one of which being our AirProtect range and the other being Bubble Bags.

The premium option for packaging mobile phones and accessories would be to use AirProtect Mobile Phone range. This range of inflatable air cushioning bags are the ideal solution as they offer increased protection for delicate and valuable products. The bags are very simple to use, simply inflate the bag using a compressor or hand pump (both sold by inserting the nozzle through the green valve. Once the bags have been inflated, remove the compressor or hand pump and the unique one way valves within the bag will seal and prevent any air from escaping. Insert the contents inside the bag and then use our AirProtect mobile phone box, which will contain both the phone and the necessary accessories. You could then put the box into a bespoke mailing bag with your company branding, label up and dispatch with the peace of mind the goods will arrive undamaged.

Using AirProtect is the premium solution, however it is slightly more expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, it makes your company look at lot more professional and shows you pride yourself on the appearance of your parcels.

Alternatively, stock a range of Bubble Bags, which are a more cost effective solutions. They are protective bubble wrap bags that surround the mobile phone to protect it during transportation. Our bubble bags each have an adhesive glue strip to ensure both quick packing and secures the item in the bag. We stock a large range of different sizes, and if you are packing electrical goods, we stock anti-static bubble bags that prevent any static charge building up, which could damage the electronics. You could then still use a AirProtect phone box or alternatively insert the mobile phone inside one of our stock mailing bags, label up and then dispatch to your customer.

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