The Launch of Damp Proof Membrane

//The Launch of Damp Proof Membrane

The Launch of Damp Proof Membrane

Here at we continually aim to provide produces for every industry. Therefore we have decided to launch and stock Damp Proof Membrane as well as Damp Proof Course. We are also able to supply the relevant tapes and bonding products to ensure your house holds the damp at bay.

Damp proof membrane (DPM for short) is a polythene based product, which can be purchased from, in a range of different thicknesses. We stock a lighter duty 1000 Gauge, a medium duty 1200 Gauge or a heavy duty 2000 Gauge. The different thicknesses all work the same, however the thicker the material the less susceptible to holes it will be. Also unlike may other stockists, we also stock pre-cut sheets of DPM for 10m and 5m. This has been very popular with our customers, who are having extensions done or having a new floor in their house. The sheets are a lot easier to handle as well as saving you from having to buy a full roll.

Damp proof course (DPC) is a barrier, which is used to prevent moisture spreading from a capillary action that is drawn from a porous building material, i.e. bricks. The barrier is usually formed by a membrane built into the walls of a property roughly 150mm above the ground level. The absence of DPC can have devastating consequences to a building and would dramatically reduce the life span of a property. Here are we stock a range of sizes to ensure you can purchase the product that best suits your build and brick type.

If you need any advice or guidance then please contact our sales department on 0121 270 6252 or on is your one stop shop for all your polythene requirements


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