Top Tips to Increase Warehouse Motivation

//Top Tips to Increase Warehouse Motivation

Top Tips to Increase Warehouse Motivation


Whatever industry you work in, a conscientious and enthusiastic team of employees is vital for your company to remain successful. The following outlines a few basic guidelines and tips to ensure your staff remain motivated and happy within the workplace. Ensuring you have a motivated workforce benefits both the employee and the company.


  1. Training

Ensuring your employees are provided with thorough training is key. Ensure you are approachable by your employees to enable them to ask questions and support them with difficulties. Continually training is advises and it enables everyone within the workforce to resolve any queries they maybe too nervous to ask about and ensures your employees don’t pick up any bad habits. Your staff will feel they are a valid member of the work force and assist the smooth running of the company


  1. Safe and Productive Environment

Cramped, dirty and cold warehouses can be a depressing environment to work in, as well as being dangerous if working alongside machinery and forklifts. Staff that have to work in these conditions are less likely to give you their best effort or be willing to work for you for a long period of time. When a clean, well-lit warehouse is provided, your staff will be a lot happier and safer. It is key that employers understaff that staff safety and wellbeing is very important


  1. Automated Workplace

Installing the latest automated methods can increase productivity as well as motivation. When the employee is wondering around the warehouse locating the correct products and looking for the relevant computer terminals, this is time wasted. By implementing mobile workstations, hand-held tablets and pallet wrapping machines, huge amounts of time can be saved. This makes your staff more productive as well as making their daily duties more rewarding


  1. Give Responsibility

Even the most dedicated staff will being to lose interest and focus if they remain in the same role for years. A way to avoid this is to give your staff the opportunities to try new jobs and take on different responsibilities. Carry out different training techniques and training different people, even including them in a company project will ensure they remain interested in the company


  1. Encourage Staff Reviews

Encourage staff reviews, it ensures that everyone is working to their full potential, and other members of staff won’t get disheartened if someone isn’t working to their full potential and is getting away with it. By encouraging feedback, it enable you to learn more about your employees and it will also identify areas of the business where they might be best suited. If your staff enjoy the role they are doing, they are likely to work more efficiently and remain motivated


  1. Flexible Working Hours

The same shift week in week out can be very tedious for your staff, leading them to look elsewhere for more flexible working patterns. Obviously it’s not possible to cater for everyone’s preferences, however listen to your employee’s suggestions and maybe offer a shift swap system in which, staff will change the shift they work to avoid boredom. Staff appreciate being given freedom to manage their work schedule


  1. Incentives

Offering incentivises to your staff can be a great way to encourage productivity and it will also provide a large boost their moral. The incentives you offer don’t have to be financial, there are other ways to reward hard work. Many employers may take staff out for a surprise lunch, or every simply reward them with a cake for someone’s birthday. Even a thank you, from someone in management can increase someone’s confidence and it shows that their hard work doesn’t go a miss


  1. Advertising the Company Goal

Everyone within the company deserves to be made aware of the company goal. By making your staff aware of what the company is aiming to achieve can help to give your employees the guidance and motivation to help you getting there. Even when times are hard, be honest with your staff and work as a team to make improvements. When your employees understand their input is important, they’ll become motivated to give it their best effort


  1. Offering Progression

Many employees understand they can’t just simply walk into the job role they would like, however you can offer a progression path to enable your staff to reach this role. Working alongside your staff will enable you to understand their career plan, and will help you implement the requirement training for them to fulfil their plan


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