Up-cycle Your Recycling

//Up-cycle Your Recycling

Up-cycle Your Recycling

Recycling can be very boring and tedious at the best of times, however have you ever thought about up-cycling your recycling?

What is up-cycling I hear you ask…. Up-cycling is a creative way of transforming waste and unwanted products or packaging into a new useful or decorative product. Not only does it prevent waste going to landfill, it can also be an enjoyable project with satisfying results

Some of the big name companies who offer same day delivery or order before 10pm for next day delivery, don’t often use the correct size packaging for your goods. For example, you might order a memory card for your camera, however it will arrival in a massive box. When you receive the parcel from the delivery driver, you think they have forgotten to put the memory card inside as the box is so light. Upon opening the box and removing bundle after bundle of paper packaging, you will find the memory card at the very bottom of the box. You will then stand there dumbfounded for the next few moments as to why they have used such a large box and so much paper packaging for such a small product.

However instead of recycling this packaging, why not get creative! the paper packaging could be used as bedding for your furry pets and here are some ideas to up-cycling your box:

  1. Dolls house for the kids
  2. Cat scratching post
  3. Pop-up desk for the little ones
  4. Desk caddy
  5. Miniature checkers

We understand that you like to have the perfect sized packaging for your goods. Here at mailingbag.com, we aim to stock a wide range of products, from mailing bags and sheeting to our AirProtect range and cardboard, in various different sizes to enable you to pick the packaging that best suits your needs. As a manufacturer, if you cant find the right packaging on our website, why not contact our sales team to see if we could manufacture a product for you. Simply email sales@mailingbag.com or call on 0121 270 6252


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