Usage and Storage Advice for Mailing Bags

//Usage and Storage Advice for Mailing Bags

Usage and Storage Advice for Mailing Bags

Usage Guide

When the bags arrive, they will be packed inside a cardboard box, with a label stating size, thickness, box quantity and product code. Upon opening the box, the bags will either be packed flat or folded to ensure they fit in the box neatly. Once you have unpacked the mailing bags, the best way of inserting your product is to lie the mailing bag on a flat surface, with the glue strip facing upwards. Simply insert our product into the mailing bag and then peel of the silicone release liner, which then exposes the glue strip. Some customers may decide to insert a bubble bag insert inside the mailing bags, which will offer your product more protection during transportation. We advise that you only fold the lip over to where it should naturally fold as we have specially treated this area to ensure the glue bonds better with the bag. If you were to fold the lip over to the middle of the bag, for example, the glue strip might not bond as well meaning that the bag could open while in transit.


Storage Guide

We advise that mailing bags with permanent tape are stored in their boxes at a temperature of 15 – 20 degrees and 50% relative Humidity away from direct sunlight. If the temperature falls below zero – 5 degrees then please ensure that you warm the mailing bags before use or during use to ensure the glue bonds correctly. When the mailing bags are could, the glue takes a lot longer to bond to the material, meaning the bag could open up and your contents would drop out.


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