Why is Waste Segregation Important?

//Why is Waste Segregation Important?

Why is Waste Segregation Important?

Waste management and segregation is an industry which continues to grow and is becoming more and more important within the environment we live in. this is a growing industry in both the commercial and domestic sectors leading to an increase in waste segregation bags.

Waste Management Companies

Waste Management Companies are businesses that specialise in the dispose for both domestic and commercial waste. They will dispose of anything from furniture, garden waste, construction waste as well as IT and office waste. Generally they are used when the products you want to get rid of won’t fit in to your typical domestic wheelie bin, or when there you are moving house or offices.

Why you should segregate waste into different polythene sacks?

Segregating waste into different sacks can be a tedious job, however if the waste is segregated at the source, i.e. in the office or at home, it can save a lot of time and money in the long run. Most waste management companies will provide you with their own branded and coloured bags to aid with the segregation process. Generally the bags are only tinted the specific colour as this enable the waste management company to easily inspect the bags, to ensure the waste has been segregated correctly. By segregating waste, it help avoid recyclable or reusable products going to landfill and in the long run, it will more beneficial to the environment.

Biodegradable Polythene products

By using biodegradable bags within the waste segregation process, this is minimising the strain on the environment as well as keeping the waste disposal process as green as possible. For example, all food waste can be disposed of using a biodegradable bag, meaning that as the food decomposes so is the bag, reducing the amount of rubbish polluting the environment

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