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Wicketed Mailing Bags

Mailingbag.com continue to invest into market reserch and product development to ensure they stay at the forefront of the industry and ensure our customers are using the best product that suits your needs. Therefore we set ourselves a target to improve the packaging process for large mail order companies.

From our research we found that the main issue with existing mailing bags as they can be “blocked” or hard to open. This is where we have devised a product which allows both plain and printed mailing bags to be manufactured on either on a wicket wire or blockheaded. This product has been tried and tested within many large fulfillment centre and mail order company leaving us with nothing but positive feedback.

These type of bags are supplied as a normal mailing bag, however there is an extra 40-50mm lip on top of the usual required lip with a tear line in between the two. Within the extra lip on the bag, there will be two holes which are used to collate the bags into the required quantity per bundle. Once there is the correct amount of bags on the bundle there are two options:

  1. Either there will be a metal “U” shaped pin inserted through the holes and plastic discs will be used to hold the bags in place, formerly know as wicketting (See Picture)
  2. There will be one or two melted through the bags, which means the bags stick together, known as blockheading (See Picture)

There two different types of bags, also require two different types of mounting systems. The wicketted bags need something for the straight bars to be inserted through, however the blockheaded bags need pins to be hung off. When you come to use the bags, the opening is at the front which is pulled to allow you to insert the product. Once the product has been inserted simply pull the bag downwards, which will cause the bag to tear along a line that is created during the manufacturing process. This leaves the extra lip on the pins, and then you simply remove the tape backing, fold the lip over and press down to seal the bag.

If you would like more information on the services we provide, or have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 0121 270 6252 or email sales@mailingbag.com

Wicketted Bags

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